"It is inexpressible how helpful it is to hear concern from another and to be understood in the midst of pain and struggle."


"I saw progress in the ways I dealt with my emotions and recognizing where they were coming from. My counselor was easy to talk to."


"Our counselors were very helpful and easy to get along with. I felt having both of them was extremely helpful. We explored our roots and have been able to see how our past reflects our future; it gave us a starting point to work on ourselves."


"I simply needed help and guidance in redirecting my life. My counselor helped me do that."


"I have always been a bit hesitant of counseling in the past simply due to the lack of it in the Asian community. However, in the past few years I have observed the power of counseling in others and now have personally witnessed its healing qualities for myself."


"From the outset, I felt heard and understood."

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